Ballet Syllabus

Our aim is to produce well-rounded and expressive dancers for the next generation of American dance. Connecticut Ballet Center is also a year-round home to young people and adults (absolute beginner thru advanced levels) for whom ballet is an important recreational pursuit. The school’s training does not conform to a particular syllabus. Rather, the faculty draws collectively on the strengths of the major training traditions (Vaganova, Cecchetti, French School, Balanchine) to provide sound training and coaching refined over many years. 

Beginning with creative movement classes thru to the pre-professional level, we emphasize that the vocabulary of classical ballet carries with important building blocksfor all dance and can bring lifelong enjoyment. We challenge all students to work hard in classwhile enjoying the challenge and discipline of classical ballet. We allow each student to develop at his or her pace, taking into account physical and emotional maturity and natural ability. Toward that end, the school’s training levels - Ballet 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - comprise concentrated class work over two+ years before moving to a higher level. Decisions are made on an individual basis by the Director taking into account feedback from the faculty. In addition to the ballet syllabus, we require students to take at least two years of Character dance. If students are pursuing a pre-professional training track, we encourage the addition of Modern dance or Lyrical (supplemented by Pilates Floor Mat class) alongside Ballet, Pointe, and Variations classes.